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Caleo combines your CV sales & resourcing management with network sales

We’ll match you with customers and generate leads through Caleo based on your competences. In the same time you can manage your own consultancy sales and resourcing with intelligent features.

Expert in 30 seconds

Caleo is an intelligent platform developed by Codemen Oy that makes the acquisition, management and sales of ICT experts efficient and effortless, serving the needs of your organization.


Why spend hours searching for the best expert when you can find the right candidate for your needs in 30 seconds.

Power up the use of your time, choose Caleo.

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Caleo - Asiantuntija 30 sekunnissa Voit luoda toimeksiantoja, joihin ICT-verkoston jäsenet voivat vastata ja tarjota asiantuntijoitaan.


the right experts

Caleo - Asiantuntija 30 sekunnissa Näette avoimet toimeksiantonne kootusti ja saatte näkyvyyden Codemen Oy:n kumppaneiden tarpeisiin.


Power up and increase your expert sales

Caleo - Asiantuntija 30 sekunnissa Voit ylläpitää oman osaamisesi tietoja ja saat ne näkyviin ICT-verkoston jäsenille sekä verkoston kautta hakuja tekeville asiakasyrityksille.



Find the right experts

With Caleo you have access to a large ICT-network full of experts. Find a consultant to your needs efficiently.

The Codemen network includes smaller and larger companies. Companies are bound together by having experienced software development and consulting professionals.

In Caleo you will find competent and experienced ICT professionals in up to 30 seconds. Expert acquisition is made possible by Caleo’s rapid expert search and background support is provided by Codemen’s experienced sales team when a suitable expert is found.

Caleo Scout®

People are the most important resource of consulting businesses.

Technical requirements and professional knowledge are in the center of consultant business but soft skills and individual values also play a huge role when selecting the right expert to commit to a project.

How Caleo Scout® works

With the help of Caleo Scout®, you ensure and determine the results of the cultural compatibility ​​of your employees.

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