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Connecting consultants and projects intelligently

Caleo is a digital service for managing expert and subcontractor networks. Connecting consultants and projects intelligently.

Ensure availability

Management and resourcing

Resource, manage consultants and projects. Caleo offers up-to-date information on availableĀ consultants and suitable assignments.

CV Bank

Manage your consultant information intelligently.

Find expertise

Connect experts with projects

With Caleo, you can search for suitable consultant from Finland and Europe in the networks of our partners. When a suitable expert is found, our partners ensure the smoothness of the process.

Business development

Got experts? Our partnerā€™s networks have work for your experts.

Strength from the network

Expert sales

Caleo enables subcontractor networks. Ask your subcontractor network manager about Caleo. You will always be notified of new assignments and view a summary of all open positions. Everything is handled with ease in Caleo.

Find your next assignment

Search for assignments

Freelancer! Browse through open assignments with ease and find your next project!

Resource and manage Find experts Offer experts Find assignments

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Resource and manage

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Find consultants

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Offer consultants

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Find assignments

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Manage a network

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Internal division of experts

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