Search and find consultants

Caleo’s advanced search function ensures that you can quickly and easily find the expert who best meets your needs for your assignment in our partners’ networks.

Find a consultant

With Caleo, you can search for suitable expertise from Finland and Europe in the networks of our partners.

You can perform searches based on different requirements. When a suitable expert is found, our partners ensure the smoothness of the process. 

Availability and consultant pool

Our partner’s, Codemen Oy’s network covers more than 550 companies and more than 6,000 consultants, who are added daily to the Caleo platform based on the availability and needs for consultants. Codemen’s partner network has been built long-term and responsibly, based on trust. Our partners can assure you with certainty that their consultants meet the requirements of everything from project managers to software development.

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Efficient purchase process

With Caleo, you get access to a flexible purchasing process where our network management partner acts as a centralized contract partner with the outsourced consultant and your company. 

The purchasing process is efficiently handled by finding and contacting the right consultant, agreeing on assignment contracts and employing the consultant. 

Create assignments

After creating an assignment in Caleo, members of the partner network have the opportunity to view your announcement and offer their suitable consultant for the assignment. 

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