Liekki (Ikoni) ja Teksti Caleo

Is your company’s strength in consultants?

With Caleo, you can ensure that your consultants’ information of availability and competence is up-to-date. 

Information flow in your organization

Caleo ensures that the information is shared securely throughout the organization to make work more efficient. Caleo has been designed and built-in close cooperation with Codemen Oy’s consultant organization, based on ensuring the expertise and availability of experts.

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Availability and expertise

Consultants in the core of the business. Caleo makes the daily work of consultants, sales people and team leaders easier. With Caleo, you can make sure that the information about availability and competence is up to date.

Comprehensive data management

At the core of the consulting service business is expert knowledge. In Caleo, filling out profiles has been done clearly, supporting both sales- and employee-driven profiles 

Caleo’s intelligent profiles support multilingualism and sales structuring of competence.

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Sales pipeline management

The system enables the recording of extensive and information-rich assignments as well as lighter “quick” assignments. 

Caleo is built to support consultant organizations efforts to coordinate daily business operations.

Find assignments for consultants

With Caleo, you can find all open assignments in one place effortlessly from all the partner networks that you are part of in Caleo. You can also view the requirements stated by a network manager regarding the needs of your professionals. 

Based on your approval, all partner network customers can also view your available consultants anonymously.

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Sales dashboard

Caleo’s dashboard works behind successful expert organizations. A comprehensive view of the status of experts and sales at one glance. 

From the dashboard, you can quickly see free and vacant experts, as well as current projects and projects in the sales pipeline.

Osaaja Dashboard