Liekki (Ikoni) ja Teksti Caleo

Digitalize your network

With Caleo, you can nimbly distribute resource requests to your network of subcontractors, you will get the answers summarized, and your entire team can monitor and comment on the progress of the network search.

Share assignments

With your subcontracting network

Add your subcontractors to the network, distribute assignments to your partners and receive candidates.

Caleo illustration

Accept candidates

As the person responsible for assignment resourcing, you will always receive notifications about new candidates. You can see the entire external resourcing situation in one view.

Tietojen hallinta

Inform and follow the process

At the core of external resourcing

Update and maintain assignment progress and communication to subcontractors in one place. Share information transparently with the people responsible for all resources.

At the core of expert-businesses

Caleo is Finland’s fastest growing platform for IT-consultant subcontractor networks management.