As an expert, you can easily maintain the data of your knowledge in Caleo. If you wish, you can display your expertise to all members of Codemen Oy’s extensive ICT network and to our customer companies that search through the network. With your permission, your know-how can also be made available to Codemen’s end customers.

With Caleo, you can also see your own open assignments compiled and respond to them easily and quickly.

Advanced resume maintenance

For individual experts we offer the opportunity to maintain, edit and print your CV as a .pdf file. Our long history with CV management ensures ease of use, when it comes to CV editing.

Caleo OLEN ASIANTUNTIJA Hallinnoi ja ylläpidä osaamistietojasi Caleossa!

Find assingments

Caleo is a great way for ICT freelancers to find interesting assignments and the opportunity to leave sales work to Codemen’s skilled sales team. With Caleo, you can focus on doing assignments and ensure the continuity of your business. You can manage your skills and availability easily and reliably.

Light entrepreneur in the ICT sector

Light entrepreneur in the ICT sector – a free spirit

Do you want the freedom to choose your customers? Are you interested in testing a business idea safely, without fear of burocracy? Do you want to maximize your monthly salary – without intermediaries?

As a light entrepreneur, all you need is a billable customer, after which takes care of everything else. is an invoicing service for self-employed people, which allows anyone to find employment easily – either as a light entrepreneur or a trade name entrepreneur. A light entrepreneur only needs a customer to do the work for. The invoicing service takes care of all burocracy related to entrepreneurship, ie paperwork and taxes. also offers an accounting service, enabling a comprehensive service for entrepreneurs.

As a light entrepreneur, an ICT professional can choose his or her clients as well as working hours and tasks – and, what’s important, the money comes into the author’s own pocket. Experimenting with your own business idea does not require jumping into the unknown or terminating your employment, but is safe to try out alongside other activities.’s service is easy and fast to try, and it does not require commitment.

Interested of being a free spirit? supports every step.

Read more about light entrepreneurship.