With Caleo, you take the intensifying of your expert sales to next level. Up-to-date information on the availability and expertise of your experts ensures smooth sales. Through Caleo you can have Codemen’s sales team to accelerate the success of your expert sales if you wish.

Ensure the long-term flow of your expert sales with the help of Caleo.

Experts available

Boost your expert sales with Caleo’s smart search. At Caleo, you will find all the essential information you need to run your expert business.

Find and deliver your free experts with ease to suit your clients’ needs.

Aggregate management of expert data

At the core of the consulting service business is expertise. At Caleo, the filling of profiles is clearly done to support the maintenance of both sales and expert-driven profiles.

Caleo’s smart profiles support multilingualism and the sales structuring of expertise.

Additional sales without extra effort

By using Caleo for expert management, you can harness the expertise of your experts to anonymously gather leads from potential clients safely with the same amount of effort

We offer expert seekers an anonymous search, from which the buyer’s contacts are directed to the organization providing the experts.

Resumes to support sales

Caleo’s CV template is designed with recruitment professionals, making CV reviews fast and easy.

By using Caleo, you ensure that expert sales don’t fall into unclear or semi-optimized resumes. By simply adding your company color and logo to Caleo, you are one step ahead in streamlining your expert sales.

Find assignments for experts

With Caleo, you can find all your open assignments in one place easily and effortlessly. You can also view the requirements stated by Codemen Oy’s partners regarding the needs of professionals. If you wish, Codemen’s end customers can also view your available experts.

Sales pipeline management

With Caleo, you handle the situation of open and closed specialist sales. The system enables the recording of large and information-rich assignments as well as lighter “quick” assingments.

Caleo supports the way the expert organization is designed to use Caleo to coordinate agent allocation and sales.

Sales dashboard

Behind successful expert organizations is Caleo Dashboard. A comprehensive picture of the state of experts and sales in one overview.

You can quickly see free and vacant experts in both current and in-sales projects from the dashboard.