Caleo is the fastest growing platform for ICT professionals in Finland. We have Finland’s largest ICT network and its experts at our disposal. The word Caleo is Latin, and means warm – our experts are therefore ‘warmed up’ and ready to take action immediately.

Our network at your disposal

Codemen Oy’s network began to develop in 2015 and now covers more than 500 companies and more than 4,000 experts, which are added daily to Caleo’s platform based on the availability and the need of experts. Codemen’s partner network has been built to create successful business long-term. Experts from Caleo will meet the requirements of doing everything from project managers to software development. Our network continues to grow, so you can reach more and more professionals every day. In Caleo you can easily find experts in one place, so you no longer have to spend your time searching for experts from many different sources.

In Caleo you can find available experts on your own or leave an open assignment to Codemen’s sales team to complete, depending on your situation.


Search for experts

The expert search has been developed and designed in close collaboration with Codemen’s sales team based on the real assignments to meet true needs. Search is being accelerated by artificial intelligence developed in cooperation with HeadAI, which enhances the relevance of the results of the context-based expert search

Through search functions that utilize artificial intelligence you can quickly find the experts who best meet your needs. Our close cooperation with HeadAI ensures that with Caleo you will find the experts who best match your search from our extensive network.

Create assignments in Caleo

Assignments have been designed based on the experience of more than 10,000 completed assignments. Codemen’s sales team is trained in contacting candidates for assignments and ensuring communication integrity at the highest level.

When you create an assignment in Caleo, members of the ICT network will have the opportunity to see your announcement and provide suitable experts for the assignment. Caleo’s advanced search function ensures that you can quickly and easily find the experts who meet your needs best from the users of the network.


Our artificial intelligence utilizing search engine clearly prioritizes search results and provides the best hits in the order you want.

Efficient purchasing process

Caleo also gives you a flexible purchasing process where Codemen acts as a central contract partner with your subcontracted expert and with your company.

The purchasing process is handled efficiently from finding and contacting the right expert, agreeing assignment agreements and employing the expert.

If you wish, you can use Codemen’s tested and widely used contract templates to streamline the process.