Whether you represent any one of the user groups, you’re guaranteed to find the right solutions at Caleo.

Caleo is developed in close and long-term cooperation with representatives of all user groups. The result of development cooperation is an even more comprehensive and usable system for streamlining business.


Caleo - Asiantuntija 30 sekunnissa Voit luoda toimeksiantoja, joihin ICT-verkoston jäsenet voivat vastata ja tarjota asiantuntijoitaan.


the right experts

Caleo - Asiantuntija 30 sekunnissa Näette avoimet toimeksiantonne kootusti ja saatte näkyvyyden Codemen Oy:n kumppaneiden tarpeisiin.


Power up and increase your expert sales

Caleo - Asiantuntija 30 sekunnissa Voit ylläpitää oman osaamisesi tietoja ja saat ne näkyviin ICT-verkoston jäsenille sekä verkoston kautta hakuja tekeville asiakasyrityksille.




Caleo is the fastest growing platform for ICT professionals in Finland. We have Finland’s largest ICT network and experts at our disposal.

Caleo is latin, and means “warm” – so our experts are ‘pre-warmed’ and ready to take action immediately.


With Caleo, information can be securely shared across the organization to streamline working. Caleo has been designed and built in close cooperation with Codemen Oy’s expert organization, ensuring the expertise and availability of experts.


As an expert, you can easily maintain your know-how at Caleo

If you wish, you can display your expertise to all members of the extensive ICT network of Codemen Oy and to our client companies that search through the network.  With your permission, your know-how can also be made available to Codemen’s final customers.

With the help of our service, you can also view your own open assignments compiled and respond to them easily and quickly.


Do you work in an expert organization whose key resource is people and their expertise?

Is your expert management implemented with web drive folders of CVs and excel spreadsheets? Does the timeliness of CVs and the availability of experts pose challenges for sales and job planning?

Caleo comprehensively supports the success of expert organizations.

Help us!

Help us improve our service by sending feedback.

We need your help to ensure an optimal user experience for each of our different user groups.

Share us with suggestions for improvements and development proposals and you can make a difference in the future of Caleo.




As a member of the management team, you will always receive up-to-date information on the current market situation.

With the help of artificial intelligence, we can maintain information on the development of demand for technologies, and we can provide enriched forecasts, e.g. technology trends in demand in Finland and worldwide.

You also have Caleo Tutka® at your disposal, which you can use to ensure successful recruitment.