Liekki (Ikoni) ja Teksti Caleo

Caleo is made specifically for the needs of the software house

Why Caleo?
  1. Cost-effective pricing model
  2. Through Caleo we can also take advantage of an extensive partner network
  3. Caleo has a modern look, is easy to use and the CVs are stylish, consistent and match our brand and look
  4.  Search capabilities complemented by AI are good and constantly evolving
  5. Effective support


’’Caleo is made specifically for the needs of the softwarehouse. Many competing competency management systems are sub-independent, causing some incompatibilities and trade-offs to meet the needs of our industry. Caleo has practically everything we need in terms of software developer expertise, but not really anything extra. Only the resourcing section is not available to us, but it is also designed specifically for the needs of software projects and I see it as an excellent addition. We’ve been involved in the commercialization phase of the system – our needs as a customer have been listened and we’ve been able to influence many of the solutions and features as a customer. The system meets our needs very well and new good features are constantly being developed. The support works!’’

Cinia Oy


I will be happy to provide more information:

Tero Lähteenmäki

Sales- & Marketing Director
[email protected]
+358 40 547 2446

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